About Us

Animax3d is a motion design and visual effects company specializing in creative solutions for advertising, broadcast video, and cinema.

We represents a broad spectrum of experience that ranges over 2 decades of high quality work that has benefited a variety of clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, and even some of the most prestigeous sporting events.

Our team is actively participating in the international community of visual effects professionals and always strives to bring the most cutting edge technology to our clients projects.
Marek Mihok of Animax3D with VFX legend Dan Curry
Marek Mihok of Animax3D with VFX legend Dan Curry

Recently, we have been involved with a massive breakthrough in rapid rendering of extremely large scale natural environments created in 3D with QuadSpinner, as well as served as contributing editor for 'Realism in Vue', the bestselling book on natural environments.

Our roots go back to the original SGI workstations and Amiga, and we are proud to have participated in the creation of the first virtual studio ever to be broadcast in Slovakia.

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